Bertram (Venu Gopala) Mück


Bertram (Venugopala) Mück

Yogi Raj

International certified Yogateacher & Teachers instructor

Extensive travel to Tibet and India where he studied the scriptures in several ashrams, finally brought him to the path of Yoga. Long intensive stays and scripture study at several ashrams in the Himalayas. Few years he lived and was teaching yoga classes at an Ashram in Neyyar Dam/India, Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh/India, Val Morin/Canada and in New Delhi/India.


Vedanta study (Tattva Bodha, Atmasatakam, Upanishaden) in India.

5x 10 days & 1x 30 days Vipassana Silent-Meditation-Retreat at Igatpuri/India.

6 month special Pranayama education at Gangotri/Himalaya.


Through his own sadhana, deep knowledge and experience in the field of Yoga, his way of teaching is intensive.


Vita :

Back when I worked in the textile world trade and because of stressful jobs and the associated frequent flying around the world, I was earthing for a new balance. My countless business trips to India brought the yoga closer to my attention. After a short time the imaginary as a hobby employment with yoga gave way to pure enthusiasm and a 3 -week stay in an ashram finally did the rest .

Back from India I sold and gave away, me the former business man, my previous existence, packed a single bag and went on for a year to Canada to complete my training as a Yoga teacher in a yoga ashram. Then I tightened my new knowledge in a 3 - year stay in an ashram in India , studied the Vedic scriptures there, deepened my yoga classes and traveled several times to the highlands of Tibet.

In 2003, I returned to Europe , founded a yoga center in Innsbruck and finally the Yogahaus Samvit Schliersee - organized and managed as an ashram in India.